New Music: Snatam Kaur releases Nirankaar

Snatam Kaur releases new album Nirankaar Nirankaar is the latest album release of Snatam Kaur. It features Snatam’s luminous interpretations of sacred mantras and verses from the Sikh tradition plus a Mantra and Meditation Series created from four of the tracks to facilitate the powerful practice of chanting mantras. The[…]

HeartFire Playlist for the summer holiday

HeartFire Playlist

HeartFire Playlist for the summer holiday If you’re going on a holiday this summer near or far from your home, music enriches our lives. We made a special HeartFire Playlist for this summer. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

The Uniting Sound of SHiNE

The Uniting Sound of SHiNE. Uniting cultures and styles, Kareem Raïhani’s adventurous clubnight SHiNE is crossing borders. Kareem selected some SHiNiNG hits and merged them into a 2 hrs mix of ecstatic vibes, deep music and contagious rhythms. Like the club night, we start slow and easy, building up the[…]

Footage of Sudha concert released

Sudha Live @SHiNE Club Lite Amsterdam

Footage of Sudha concert @SHiNE released! On january 17th, 2015 we organized the concert of Sudha at Club Lite Amsterdam. Sudha (and Andy Blisset on keyboards) gave a wonderful intimate concert to a big audience. The concert was part of the SHiNE clubevening. Later that evening SHiNiNG MUSiC released the[…]

HeartFire PlayList

Our HeartFire PlayList. It’s time to put some music up. So here it is, our HeartFire PlayList. We’ll be adding and changing music to our playlist ever so often, so please do come back some time and check it out. What song or artist would you like to nominate for[…]