New Music: Snatam Kaur releases Nirankaar

Snatam Kaur releases new album Nirankaar

Nirankaar is the latest album release of Snatam Kaur. It features Snatam’s luminous interpretations of sacred mantras and verses from the Sikh tradition plus a Mantra and Meditation Series created from four of the tracks to facilitate the powerful practice of chanting mantras. The title, Nirankaar means Formless God and expresses how the divine often manifests in ways that can’t easily be perceived or understood.

Four singles from Nirankaar, along with the tracks from Snatam’s Mantra and Meditation Series, were released weekly, and the entire album was released on May 13.

On June 22nd Snatam Kaur will give an extra concert in Amsterdam in the magical Theater Amsterdam, more info here.

Akaal – First single from the new album

Akaal is the debut single from Snatam Kaur’s latest album, Nirankaar, and a profound and uplifting expression of the sacred Sikh mantra of the same name. The word Akaal means Beyond or without death and is most often chanted to help loved ones who have left their bodies connect with the Infinite. It is similarly chanted for those left behind, helping them to tune into the soul vibration of deathlessness. Chanting Akaal is also a deeply meaningful way to move beyond the limits of death, connect with the nature of the soul, and find love and peace in that realization.

Soul Prayer – 2nd single from the new album

Soul Prayer begins with a powerful invocation. Exquisitely sung in English and Gurmukhi, its intention is to arrive at a place of true humility. The track then segues into Ardaas Bha-ee, a joyous mantra to allow the soul of the devotee to grow closer to the Divine — to be heard, and for its prayer to become manifest.

Extra Concert on June 22nd with Snatam Kaur

Snatam Kaur is a world-renowned, Grammy-nominated devotional singer, musician, teacher, and author, known for the stirring luminous quality of her voice and insightful teachings. She is currently embarking on her Into the Light Tour, with summer concert dates across Europe, the UK, and Israel.

The tour corresponds to the release of Snatam’s 16th major album release, Nirankaar. Snatam’s touring band includes Ram Dass (piano and vocals), Grecco Buratto (guitar and vocals), and Sukhmani, (percussion and vocals), the same extraordinary musicians who collaborated with her on Nirankaar.

As HeartFire we organize her concerts in Amsterdam on June 21st and June 22nd. The concert on June 21st is sold out but for the concert on June 22nd there are still tickets available. You read more info about this concert, here.

We hope to see you at this extra ordinary concerts!

Ongkaar Nirankaar – 3rd Single release

Ongkaar means the Divine manifestation as the Doer, the knowing and sensing in action on the physical plane, and Nirankaar is the unseen, unknown manifestations of the Divine. The mantra speaks to coming to a place of peace between these dual energies. It is particularly powerful to chant and meditate to Ongkaar Nirankaar when feeling hopeless or defeated, when every effort has been exhausted. 

You can listen to the whole album on Spotify: