Yael Deckelbaum :: Concert – Prayer Of The Mothers :: March 9 2024 @Vondelkerk Amsterdam

Yael Deckelbaum HeartFire.nl
  • Date 9 maart 2024
  • Time 19:30
  • Location Vondelkerk Amsterdam
Yael Deckelbaum HeartFire.nl

Yael Deckelbaum :: Concert – Prayer Of The Mothers :: March 9 2024 @Vondelkerk Amsterdam

Join Yael Deckelbaum in her Prayer of the Mothers Europe Tour 2024 for a concert (March 9) & a voice ceremony (March 10) in Amsterdam. Ticket sales starts Wednesday November 22 2023, at 10am CET, here (or below). Join us in life, love & music.

We are proud to present to you the first event with Yael Deckelbaum on the HeartFire stage ever! Yael will be joining us for a concert (on March 9) and a voice ceremony (on March 10, 2024). This is truly something, and we are grateful to welcome her in Amsterdam for an empowering evening and afternoon, remembering unity, liberty, togetherness, PEACE!

We feel it is so important to spread this message of hope, freedom, unity, peace and togetherness. Of female empowerment and leadership. And we hope you will join us!


Ticket sale starts on Wednesday, November 22 at 10am CET, here (or below). It is possible to buy tickets for the concert and ceremony separately. A combi-ticket for both concert & voice ceremony are also available.

About Yael Deckelbaum

Yael Deckelbaum is a musician and peace activist, known for her song “Prayer of The Mothers”, that turned into the anthem of the march of hope, lead by the movement “Women Wage Peace”. Her video documents thousands of Palestinian and Israeli women, who marched together in 2016, from the north of Israel to Jerusalem in a call for peace.

Yael has been recognized by many people as a groundbreaking musical activist of our time. With the streets as her stage and marching women as her crowd, Yael has led various women’s marches over the past years in over 10 different countries – from Europe to Asia and America to Africa. In her latest Album “What about the Women” she uses her music to inspire positive change and support non-violent communication between cultures that are in conflict, emphasizing the necessity of female leadership.

Now in these times of war, where the voices of hate are escalating in her region and the world, Yael returns to the stages of Europe, to sound her voice again, and remind us of our dream of peace. To remind us of all of the good moderate people on both sides of the border, that are caught in this horrific war.

“I pray that people in the world could find a way to look at this situation, beyond political opinions and propaganda and see and care for the children, all children, both in Israel and palestine. See beyond our hate and judgement, and find an all embracing solidarity. Supporting the people who seek peace and encourage a dialogue that can open a door for hope”

Yael Deckelbaum


Upcoming New album :: What about the Women. After 3 years of leading and participating in women’s marches around the world, singer songwriter Yael Deckelbaum is ready to release a whole album, telling the story of her journey. Featuring singers such as Joss Stone, Zap Mama, Amira Leon, Nikky Glaspie, Palestinian singer Meera Eilabuni, choirs from South Africa and NYC, and weaving speeches by Leymah Gbowee, Malala Yousafzai, Ayanna Prestly, Huda Abu Arqoub, 13 indigenous grandmothers and more, the album sounds the voice of the global women’s movement of our time, and perpetuates the wave of an awakening.

“In the world that we live in, peace is possible, only when women of integrity and faith, stand up for the future of our children” Leymah Gbowee

Voice Ceremony on March 10 @Zonnehuis Amsterdam

What about the women? Remembering and emancipating our true voice, as free women. For thousands of years the feminine voice has been reduced and silenced. In the Jewish religion, for example, a woman’s voice is directly connected to her sexuality, there for an orthodox Jewish women is not allowed to sing in front of men.

Like our sexuality, our voice too holds the key to connect us to our true power. It is magnificent, it is beautiful, it is wise and holds great spiritual expression. One that we have not allowed ourselves to express freely for far too many generations. For all humans, the voice is a conductor – a meeting point between spirit and matter. And for most of us, the access to this gate has been limited by the partitions that life has taught us to build. Through our breathing, through exercises and some simple tools, we will learn to dissolve these partitions of shame, judgment and guilt and  free the wings of hidden voice, love it again, enjoy this free expression as individuals and as part of a group, combining our voices together in harmony. The ceremony incorporates meditative methods and technical tools for healthier singing, exercises, improvised circle singing and ceremony. The ceremony is for any woman who just loves to sing.

On March 10 Yael Deckelbaum will give a voice ceremony in Zonnehuis Amsterdam (blauwe zaal), see the eventpage for more info on the ceremony.

Practical information

Yael Deckelbaum – Prayer Of The Mothers Solo Tour :: 9 March 2024 @Vondelkerk Amsterdam

There is also a voice ceremony with Yael Deckelbaum on March 10 2024 @Zonnehuis Amsterdam, read more here.


March 9, 2024


Vondelkerk, Vondelstraat 120a, 1054 GS Amsterdam (entrance to the church is opposite the entrance to the park)


19.30 (doors open 18.30).


Ticket sales starts Wednesday November 22nd, 10.00 CET, here. Combitickets for the voice ceremony and for the concert are available. Follow us on Eventbrite to get notified when we publish new events, here. See our event page for other concerts we organize.

How To Get There

The Vondelkerk is located just outside of the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, so nearby parking is not easy and not advised. We advise you to come by public transport or use your bicycle. Use Park & Ride facilities if you come by car to Amsterdam. Check the use of public transport here to plan your journey. Check the route description of how to get there, here.

Parking Garage

There are parking garages available:

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