Snatam Kaur European Tour (and Amsterdam concert) rescheduled to 2022 due to Corona restrictions

Snatam Kaur in Concert Into The Light Theater Amsterdam 21 June 2022 HeartFire

Amsterdam concert rescheduled to March 16th 2022, tickets remain valid

Sat Nam dear people,

We were so looking forward to come together for the sacred chant concert with Snatam Kaur & band on March 17th 2021 in Theater Amsterdam but because of the travel restrictions, gathering restrictions and health concerns due to the Corona virus Snatam Kaur & team had to make the decision to postpone their entire European Tour until the Spring of 2022.

The new date for the concert in Amsterdam will be March 16th 2022 also in Theater Amsterdam. Your current tickets will remain valid. If you have sold your ticket to another person, we kindly ask you to inform them about this new date as we don’t have their mail address.

We appreciate your patience and give special thanks to those who keep putting their faith in us by keeping their current tickets intact.

Message from Snatam Kaur:

“I know I can speak for the entire band and let you know that we miss so much being with you and hearing your voices and I continue to hold you in prayer, that you are remaining in good health and feel you when I chant and invite you to connect in that beautiful ether space, the heavenly realms. Every time we take that opportunity to chant we are all connected. So I look forward to remaining connected with you in the ether chanting space and I hope you can join us too. Sending you all my love and prayers for good health and well being and peace and comfort to you and your family. Love you. Sat Nam”.

You can watch the video message of Snatam Kaur here (or below this message).

If you can’t attend the concert on this new date then you can apply for a refund before March 1st 2021.

Sending much Love, Health, Inner Peace and Trust.

Daniëlle & Jeroen