SHiNE GLiTTER EDiTiON Photobooth Pictures

SHiNE GLiTTER EDiTiON Photobooth pictures

Here they are! Our SHiNE GLiTTER Photobooth pictures. What a beautiful photo’s of Shining People. We loved the experiment! Many thanks to Jeroen van Kemenade who made the pics and to everybody who stepped in front of the big green screen. What a vibrant energy!

Check the pictures here (link opens in new tab on Facebook).

We hope to meet you all at our first SHiNE of the new year, Jan 16th, 2016 where we start SHiNE with a Shining Newyears concert with Sudha. And then dance, dance, dance with 2016 into being! Kareem Raïhani is ready for a new SHiNiNG year!

Blissful & Shining New Year!

Love from the SHiNE Crew