Peruquois Original Essence

Return To The Original Essence

Yesterday I received the video trailer to the new cd of Peruquois The Original Essence. Wonderful how Peru shares about her soul’s journey and about the story behind the songs. “How can we be more truly human, living from our original essence?”.

opening and connecting

I am really touched by this world fusion album full of Native American ancient chants and prayers, groovy tracks like Tribal People and the wisdom in the songtexts (as a organizer I am lucky to have the album already at home). Her voice and resonance opens me. Opens my heart, body and soul and connects me with my deepest self, with womanhood.

weekend intensive

It feels like next weekend, her Weekend Intensive Voice of the Sacred Feminine, will be a major step in my awakening process. Healing the wounded parts in myself, sounding my inner sounds and connect with my fullest potential as a woman, as a human being. I am also looking forward to connect with other women on a deep level. Sisterhood!

feminine nature

There are still some places available if you also feel a strong Calling inside to connect more with Feminine Nature. There will be 100 to 150 women creating a strong Vortex where transformation can place. To organize this together with my beloved Jeroen is a sacred and mysterious journey as well. Wonder where it will bring us.

Much love,