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November News from HeartFire. Sat Nam, Aloha & Namaste from HeartFire…..A Shining Music Release Party with Kareem Raïhani & David Lurey.


Sat Nam, Aloha & Namaste…

SHiNiNG Music is born!

We are getting ready for the birth of a new music label SHiNiNG Music. A co-creation from Kareem Raïhani & HeartFire. This Saturday, November 15th 2014, we will present the label with a big celebration: SHiNiNG Music Release Party with Kareem Raïhani & Global Yogi David Lurey at Club Lite Amsterdam. Read all about how it came into existence in this newsletter.


Power of Intention

In February, from out of the blue, I received a text message from Kareem if I was interested to do his management and bookings. When you put an intention out and it is crossing your path, the only thing you can do is to say fully Yes! So I did… My beloved Jeroen van Kemenade joined this adventure and what a journey we have had together since then. This weekend we’re celebrating the birth of our recordlabel Shining Music with the release of two songs from David Lee Lurey and Kareem Raïhani: Om Namo Bhagavate & Samba Sadashiva. The cover of this release is beautifully designed by Jeroen and I’m amazed how new talents show up very easily on this journey from the heart.

Shining Music Release PartyShining Music Release Party Kareem Raïhani & David Lurey

Shining Music will release new music on a regular base with mantra beats, shamanic dance rituals and shining melodies to dance to and to shine on!

It is time to celebrate the birth of this brand new label. So……get ready for a Live Kirtan & Shining Music Release Party on november 15th in Club Lite Amsterdam with Kareem Raïhani & David Lurey! Don’t forget…we start singing with David at 20.00, doors open at 19.30! So looking Forward…
Keep on Dancing! Keep on Shining!

For all information & inspiration about the event, read more about it and buy your tickets here.

Mantras On The Dancefloor

Kareem RaïhaniKareem just wrote a beautiful blog for Earth Matters about how it all started with Sacred Dance Music:

…..Kevin James was leading the kirtan (mantra singing/chanting) at Angsbacka festival in Sweden and they where chanting his version of a famous Sufi mantra Laillah ilallah. Wow… My whole being was lifted, my soul was inspired like never before, goose bumps all over my body. I went in the back, and started dancing with the few others that just couldn’t sit anymore. While dancing, thinking of nothing, just riding the waves of music, it came to me… Mantras with dance music!…..

You can read the whole blog here and get inspired!

Next newsletter…

HeartFire: Daniëlle & JeroenIn our next newsletter of december we will look back at the concert and workshop we organized of Praful and the deeply transformative women’s workshop of Peruquois.

We hope to meet you on the dancefloor this Saturday!

With our Hearts on Fire,

Jeroen & Daniëlle