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HeartFire SHiNE Duncan Bridgeman Kareem Raihani december 20th, 2014


January News. HeartFire organizes concerts, workshops and events. Together with Kareem Raïhani we organize the clubevening SHiNE (every 3rd saturday of the month at Club Lite). As SHiNiNG MUSiC we bring sacred music to the dancefloor.

Sat Nam, Aloha & Namaste from HeartFire….

HeartFire Newsletter January 2015

Sat Nam, Aloha & Namaste

Welcome all in 2015! We wish you & ourselves 🙂 a new year full of Love, Creation, Inner peace, Beauty and Abundance. As HeartFire we can look back on a year full of exploration, quick learning, divine co-creation, hard working and lots of love. We feel grateful to walk this path together and wonder what will unfold this year. We go with the sacred flow.

In this newsletter we love to share some new editions of SHiNE, an update about HeartFire and will look back on the SHiNE Solstice event on December 20th at Club Lite.

With our Hearts on Fire,

Jeroen & Daniëlle

HeartFire SHiNE Devotional Dance Sudha Kareem Raihani

SHiNE: Devotional Dance (january 17th)

Sudha Live in Concert & SHiNE party with Kareem Raïhani

We will kick-off SHiNE in 2015 with a New Years Concert on january 17th with the beautiful, gifted and devotional chant artist SUDHA ( She will be accompanied by Andy Blisset, known from the band Bliss and the album ‘100.000 Angels’. A both talented and sensitive musician with a strong feel for meditative music.

After the live concert of Sudha, Kareem will drop the beat with visuals created live by VJ Mórr. Just before midnight we celebrate the new release of SHiNiNG MUSiC 003 ‘Devotional Dance‘ with Sudha & Kareem performing the track ‘Moola Prayer‘ live on stage. Pure divinity on the dance floor.

For more info and tickets, please visit or visit our eventpage on Facebook for all updates. Also you can buy your tickets at the door (if available).

We hope to see you on January 17th at Club Lite for the live concert with Sudha and on the dance floor with SHiNE!

SHiNE, every 3rd Saturday of the month at Club Lite

Kareem RaihaniEvery 3rd Saturday of the month we, together with Kareem Raïhani, organize his club evening SHiNE at Club Lite Amsterdam. On every edition of SHiNE we create a special program with:

  • A live concert, a film screening or another co-creation to start the evening with
  • The SHiNE Danceparty with Kareem Raïhani and visuals by VJ Mórr
  • The release of the new single with a special performance

(photo: Eddie Boschma)

A new release from SHiNiNG MUSiC ‘Devotional Dance’

As SHiNiNG MUSiC we will bring sacred music to the dance floor. On January 17th we also present our third SHiNiNG MUSiC release ‘Devotional Dance’ with three new remixes created by Kareem Raïhani.

SHiNiNG MUSiC 003 'Devotional Dance'The following tracks are included in this new release ‘devotional dance’:

  • Moola Prayer – Sudha & Maneesh de Moor
  • Lailaha – Kareem Raïhani & Pratibha
  • Aditya Hridayam – Kareem Raïhani & Satyadev Barman

All tracks are remixed and produced by Kareem Raïhani.

You can read about the story, listen (and buy) these tracks through Let us know what you think!

SHiNiNG MUSiC is a co-creation of DJ/Producer Kareem Raïhani & HeartFire.

HeartFire SHiNE Devotional Dance Sudha Kareem Raihani

SHiNE Solstice: Made in Mexico with filmdirector Duncan Bridgeman

On December 20th we started a special SHiNE Solstice edition with the screening of the film/documentary ‘Made in Mexico’ by Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Cato. It was an honour to have Duncan as our special guests that evening. The movie was mindblowing, weaved a beautiful and rhythmic cinematic tapestry composed of original songs, conversations, reflections, wisdom and humor featuring many of the greatest performers and sharpest minds of Mexico today.

After the movie the audience asked Duncan questions about the movie and ‘the making of’. As an encore he played two songs on the electric guitar, ‘Our Culture’ and ‘Grace’. Around midnight we had a poetry performance of Kamiel Proost welcoming the light, the love and the 2nd SHiNiNG MUSiC release ‘Dancing Medicine’. The dance floor was filled with beautiful dancing, swirling, spinning, jumping, flowing people enforced with magical visuals created live by VJ Mórr. Awakening the snake. Real medicine for the dance floor!

(photos: Jeroen van Kemenade)

SHiNE on February 21st 2015 with Red Fulka @Club Lite

We are very excited to welcome Praful again to Amsterdam. We will start the evening on February 21st with an Interactive Sound Experience by flute master/sax whizzard/multi instrumentalist Praful. On Ibiza, Jeroen and I experienced an evening with Praful full of improvising where the audience also particiated. The result was stunning and magical. Divine co-creation. So put the date in your agenda, you don’t want to miss this.

Around midnight we will celebrate the 4th release of SHiNiNG MUSiC ‘Soul on Fire’ with Red Fulka. Red Fulka is a vibrant collaboration between Kareem Raïhani & Praful. They will perform their new songs ‘Soul On Fire’ and ‘Orchestre d’Amour’ live on stage! Soul & dance floor on Fire.

More information and details about this event here.

HeartFire SHiNE Satyaa & Pari Kareem Raihani

HeartFire concert: April 18th, Satyaa & Pari live at Club Lite

We are very excited that beautiful Satyaa & Pari will come to Club Lite on April 18th for their first big concert in Amsterdam! When you listen to their music you can feel their authentic love for what they are singing about & will experience the healing fire of mantra’s. The focus of their music is to touch and open the heart for Love. Their performances are so loving, full of devotion and with ecstatic dancing.

After their concert we continue with the SHiNE Party and just before midnight Kareem + Satyaa & Pari will perform two new tracks live on stage together. Kareem recently selected two of their songs to create a remix. These tracks are in the remix creating process right now. In his studio on Ibiza Kareem will tune in deeply into the energy of these songs and produce two new remixes which we will be releasing on April 18th.

You can find more information and details about this event here.

HeartFire Agenda

January 17th: SHiNE with Sudha (live concert) & Kareem Raïhani @Club Lite Amsterdam

February 20th: Praful & Vimal Gabrielsen, Healing Sound Healing Touch (workshop) @Everyday Temple

February 21st: SHiNE with Praful (interactive sound experience) & Kareem Raïhani @Club Lite Amsterdam

April 18th: Satyaa & Pari (FULL live concert) & Kareem Raïhani @Club Lite Amsterdam

Coming Up: live concerts of Peia, Carrie Tree, Maneesh de Moor, Peruquois (dates and details to be announced)

For more information and details:

See you around!

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Walk in beauty & light,


Danielle & Jeroen