Nirinjan Kaur Unlock Your Creativity

Nirinjan Kaur Workshop Amsterdam 2015 HeartFire
  • Date: 23 september 2015
  • Location: Vondelkerk, Vondelstraat 120a Amsterdam
  • Venue: Nirinjan Kaur Workshop @Vondelkerk Amsterdam

Nirinjan Kaur Unlock Your Creativity Amsterdam 2015

On September 23rd, 2015 Nirinjan Kaur will give her ‘Unlock Your Creativity’-event prior to her live concert. Tickets for both events are available separately but also combitickets are available. Both events take place in the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam. Buy your tickets here (ticketsales has started) and share the event on Facebook with your friends and loved ones!

Watch the video below to get a feel for the tour (the video was shot in London during the workshop & concert in 2014).

‘Unlock Your Creativity’

In our lives, all of us are faced with some difficult moments. In fact, they can be our truest teachers. In these moments it can seem like there is no way through, and like the pain will never end. But in truth, there is always a way through, and the pain is usually the very thing that is pushing us to allow our hearts to grow! We have to break, in a sense, a part of us must die, in order for a new part to be born. Through our meditative practice we can learn to follow our intuitive voice deep within, leading us on our own hidden path as it is revealed… one step at a time. From the deep well of feeling in this process, in surrender, trust, and joy, creativity blossoms from our heart, allowing us to fill our life with the beauty of our own unique gifts. Join Nirinjan Kaur and Matthew Schoening in this Kundalini Yoga and meditation workshop diving in to the world of your own heart, emerging with your true creative power.

About Nirinjan Kaur

You can find more informatie about Nirinjan Kaur here of watch the video below

Practical information

Vondelkerk Amsterdam Vondelkerk AmsterdamDate: 23 september 2015

  • doors open: 17.30
  • start workshop: 18.00

Venue: Vondelkerk, Vondelstraat 120a, 1054 GS Amsterdam
Route: that’s here

Ticketprice Worskhop (single ticket):

  • EUR 30,- (early bird price before August 1st)
  • EUR 32,50 (normal price as from August 1st)

Ticketprice Workshop & Concert (combiticket):

  • EUR 52,50 (early bird price before August 1st)
  • EUR 54,50 (normal price as from August 1st)

A personal note from Nirinjan Kaur about her events

“I have many people come and ask me to teach workshops focused on singing. The voice,  mantras, chanting. They say, ‘I want to learn more about chanting, I want to sing more, and take my experience of mantras to the next level. You are in our city to sing with us! Can you teach us about it?’. I totally understand, and the answer is ‘Yes, I want to share this with you!’

I have taught workshops on that very topic, and even worked with some people in private classes. But what here is what I have found: when people come to me, rather than learn how to “sing” or “chant properly”, what they really want is to feel the music and mantra. Create it. They want to know how to make it come alive in them, and the mantras to heal them and others.

I have experienced in my life that what is heard through one’s singing is a direct result of their own personal state of being. The voice is about expression. Whoever you are, and whatever you are going through, will be heard in your voice.

Also, the power of the mantra is reflected by how you relate to your practice of it. If you are sitting there chanting “Sat nam waheguru” , feeling physically sluggish and stuck, and thinking about something else entirely… that meditation experience probably won’t be life changing ; ) . But if you know how to focus your mind, and clear a pathway for your heart to rule, then these simple sacred words can heal your entire life from the inside out. And that, I have noticed, is what people really want to know how to do.

So when I have a small window of time to give people something that will really make an impact on their lives, that is what I want to spend the time on. I want to give them an experience of the source. Where it begins, in their soul. So that they can take themselves there.

That is why I teach workshops with lots of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. I choose these yogic techniques and meditations that were taught by Yogi Bhajan, specifically  in hopes of giving people the experience of self acceptance, healing, confidence, love, and deep meditation. So that they will be able to connect with their heart and voice in an authentic and natural way, from within. This practice has been my greatest teacher. In the words of my music teacher “Sadhana (daily sacred practice) is your Guru (your highest teacher)” .

That is also why I usually teach a workshop followed by a concert, so people can dive right into more music and chanting right after their yogic experience.

Once you can harness the focus of your mind, let your heart follow. Your voice will follow your heart. The Mantras will heal you, and all that you touch. In the words of Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”.

Come to these workshops to heal deeply in the company of others. To open your heart in the presence of others doing the same. Feel completely supported in the sacred space created by the mantra. When you heal deeply, and then sing about it, that is when the real steps are taken in the journey of sacred chant.

I hope to see you there. Much, much love to you!!”