Livestream Snatam Kaur Live in Theater Amsterdam 22 June 2022

Snatam Kaur Livestream June 22nd 2022
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  • Date: 22 juni 2022
  • Time: 19:30
  • Location: Online
  • Venue: LiveStream :: Snatam Kaur Live in Amsterdam

Livestream Snatam Kaur Live in Theater Amsterdam 22 June 2022

LIVESTREAM :: Join Snatam Kaur & Band Live in Amsterdam with a LiveStream straight from Theater Amsterdam!

Please pay attention. This is the event for the LIVESTREAM of the concert on June 22nd 2022. With this ticket you can watch the concert from your own home, from anywhere on the planet. Tickets for the livestream are available, here.

Do you want to be in the Theater Amsterdam in person and join the concert live on June 22th? Tickets for the concert are available, here.

Watch the invitation of Snatam Kaur, here.

Snatam Kaur in Concert on June 22th, 2022

Grammy nominated Snatam Kaur will return to The Netherlands with her Into the Light WorldTour 2022. She will touch many hearts & nourish our souls with her divine voice and radiant spirit. Snatam Kaur will be accompanied by the amazing musicians Grecco Buratto, Ram Dass Khalsa & Sukhmani Rayat on tabla.

“So excited that we will be touring in Europe again! If you have an opportunity to come and join us at one of our concerts on this tour – they are concerts in the traditional sense of music and singing – however something deeper is happening. There is an opportunity for us to connect with Light and to Heal. At times we are in silence, at times we are chanting at the top of our lungs. Perhaps most importantly is that we have the opportunity to collectively pray, for healing of each heart and for our world. Now more than ever, it is important for us to hear our collective voice in songs of praise to the One. So please join us, and join each other in the practice of sacred chant.” Love, Snatam Kaur

Snatam’s concert tours bring her joyous, uplifting music to audiences everywhere as she performs compositions from her new album Beloved and much-beloved songs from her rich catalog of classic world devotional CDs. Timeless Snatam Kaur recordings such as Prem, Grace, Anand, Liberation’s Door and Light of the Naam, have brought inspiration and a deep sense of peace to listeners worldwide with their captivating blend of traditional sacred mantras and expansive musical settings blending Eastern and Western influences. But the best way to experience the music, warmth and wisdom of Snatam Kaur is live in concert.

“The concert is an opportunity for people to be awakened to the power of mantra,” she says; “to fall in love with mantras and be healed by them. With these concerts I hope to connect people with these mantras so that they get a sense of their own intrinsic light and love. I know for myself that chanting together in these settings is super healing and super powerful for relieving stress, tension and that feeling of being overwhelmed that I think is pretty common for in this day and age. It’s a way for people to come and find that sense of peace again.”

Practical Information

Snatam Kaur in Concert :: Into the Light WorldTour 2022
Streamed Live from Theater Amsterdam

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June 22, 2022

Your own home

19:30 CET

Tickets are available, here.

Snatam Kaur Livestream June 22nd 2022