December newsletter

  December News. HeartFire organizes concerts, workshops and events. Together with Kareem Raïhani we organize the clubevening SHiNE (every 3rd saturday of the month at Club Lite). With SHiNiNG MUSiC we bring sacred music to the dancefloor. Sat Nam, Aloha & Namaste from HeartFire…. Sat Nam, Aloha & Namaste HeartFire[…]

November newsletter

  November News from HeartFire. Sat Nam, Aloha & Namaste from HeartFire…..A Shining Music Release Party with Kareem Raïhani & David Lurey. Sat Nam, Aloha & Namaste… SHiNiNG Music is born! We are getting ready for the birth of a new music label SHiNiNG Music. A co-creation from Kareem Raïhani[…]

Peruquois Original Essence

Return To The Original Essence Yesterday I received the video trailer to the new cd of Peruquois The Original Essence. Wonderful how Peru shares about her soul’s journey and about the story behind the songs. “How can we be more truly human, living from our original essence?”. opening and connecting[…]

Hearts on Fire

Full Moon at Everyday Temple, August 10 2014

Hearts on Fire. What a great day to launch our website HeartFire! Today is super moon, the biggest full moon of 2014! Strong transformative energies are available right now. So here we go and surrender to our hearts flow. HeartFire With HeartFire we organize concerts and workshops that inspire and[…]