One Tribe New Years Celebration 2015 @Club Lite Amsterdam

2015 One Tribe New Year Celebration Club Lite Amsterdam

ONE TRIBE – NEW YEARS CELEBRATION 31 december 2015 One big, loving, beautiful, dancing, smiling, celebrating tribe will gather together Dec. 31 at Club Lite and dance in the New Year. One Heart, One Rhythm, One People, One Power, One Spirit! Let’s light up the universe Dec. 31 and share[…]

Footage of Sudha concert released

Sudha Live @SHiNE Club Lite Amsterdam

Footage of Sudha concert @SHiNE released! On january 17th, 2015 we organized the concert of Sudha at Club Lite Amsterdam. Sudha (and Andy Blisset on keyboards) gave a wonderful intimate concert to a big audience. The concert was part of the SHiNE clubevening. Later that evening SHiNiNG MUSiC released the[…]